For organisations:

It is well established that early intervention and support to employees provides for a happier worker, assists in ensuring a higher level of productivity, increases morale, decreases absenteeism and reduces overall costs. We have been working with local, state and nationwide organisations and their employees for more than 20 years to support their overall wellbeing in a tailored and timely manner. Our Employee Assistance Program services include:

  • Counselling and therapy for individuals.

  • Tailored training programs & workshops for your staff including: workplace wellness, bullying and harassment, building resilience, dealing with stress, anxiety and depression in the workplace and more.

  • Mediation and other dispute resolution services.

  • Crisis intervention services.

Liz Moriarty & Associates also have a unique depth of knowledge and experience in assisting organisations to manage workplace trauma and care for their employees. For more information, please see our Critical Incident Debriefing page.

For individuals:

If your employer has a registered Employee Assistance Program, you may be eligible to access our service at no cost or a subsidised rate. Immediate counselling and referral services are available for a wide range of personal, family and work place issues. To determine your eligibility, contact your employer. When making an appointment through your EAP, be sure to discuss your eligibility with us.

If you are returning to work after an injury, see our Return to Work Rehabilitation Programs page.